Welcome To Spring Rush 2018!

Where The Journey Begins

Spring Rush 2018

This Semesters Events:

Knicks Vs Sixers

Come watch the game and get to meet some of the brothers

Time: Feb 12 @7pm

Location: 500 E Neilds

Info Sessions

Though not all are mandatory, it's a good idea to come and meet some new faces and learn some of our history and what we do

  • Tuesday February 13th Sykes Ballroom C 7:30pm
  • Wednesday February 14th Sykes Ballroom A 9:00pm
  • Thursday February 15th Sykes Room 252 7:00pm

Stogies and Hoagies

This a great time to stop by, eat a nice hoagie while lounging around smoking a stogie, one of the most popular rush events

Time: Feb 16 @4pm

Location: 500 E Neilds

1000 Nuggets Night

Yes you heard right... 1000 nuggets. Come by and enjoy some food while hanging out at different location with some of the brothers

Time: Feb 17 @2pm

Location: 300 W Barnard

Meet the Brothers

Meet some brothers that couldn't make previous events while enjoying activities like: water pong, sports, and videogames

Time: Feb 18 @8pm

Location: 300 W Barnard

Exec Invitational

This event will be invitation only and we will reach out to PNMS and let them know where and when it is held!

Time: Feb 19 @7pm

Location: TBD

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