Wounded Warriors Project


Philanthropy and Community Service


Kappa Sigma partakes in many philanthropic activities. For starters we like to attend as many other organizations philanthropy’s while also giving out a helping hand in raising money for their charities. At the same time, every spring we like to launch our largest yearly event, our annual “Mrs. Kappa Sigma.” All of the proceeds go directly to the Wounded Warrior Project in hopes to raise awareness for our vets!

Miss Kappa Sigma

The first Miss Kappa Sigma was started in Spring of 2017 as a way to raise money for a good charity while keeping the West Chester Students thoroughly entertained. This revised version of a beauty pageant showcases all of its contestants and puts them on stage for a talent show! There are several portions that range from a talent section to an answering questions section. At the end our Miss Kappa Sigma is crowned and she gets to be featured on our annual composite!

Miss Kappa Sigma Banner

Fall Semester

Bri Decerio: 2017 Miss Kappa Sigma

Even though our Miss Kappa Sigma event exploded in its first year, we strive to improve our program and are currently working on a new Fall Semester annual event that will be equally as popular amongst the West Chester community. We usually try to have a small event during the fall just to remind the public that we are always raising money for our charitable cause, but stay tuned, we got a big event coming next year!

Community Service

When we are not thinking of a new way to raise money for charity, we like to partake in community service. You can be sure you’ll find us doing an adopt a block on a weekly basis to ensure that West Chester’s community stays clean and litter-free! We also like to partake in other events such as the “Hickman Fall Cleanup” to give back to the elders of our community! You can rest assured that Kappa Sigma will provide you with a positive community.