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The Alumni Program

With an ever growing alumni basis, Kappa Sigma has taken it upon themselves to construct an Alumni Program. This alumni program will make sure that all of the Alumni can stay in touch regardless of where takes them. The program will bring awareness to events coming up and try to include the alumni in as many social gatherings as possible! We devised a 3 Tier Program that will not only raise money for the current fraternity members, but also create larger events that can accommodate the growing alumni as well!

Alpha Class 2013

Four Tiers Four Rewards

Homecoming 2015

The Three Tier program was designed to not only maximize the net growth of the fraternity’s income, but to also give back to the graduates in a fair and meaningful way. We realize that the graduates don’t want some thoughtless rewards as incentives so we tried to focus on fundraising money and putting it towards memorable events. Given the right amount of charitable donations the alumni can reach the final goal of having a second formal! One formal is fun for everyone, but a second one not only boosts the fraternal moral, but also gives everyone a chance to get to know the alumni bit more, and create more memories!

So What Can YOU Do?

Rob Francks From Alpha Class

You can start donating by contacting the current alumni chair by pressing this link! All charitable donations are appreciated and will be put to great use!

This site will frequently be updated to let the fellow alum know where we are in fundraising and what events will be hosted. Also, if you have not yet been included in the alumni graduate group chat, please mail our alumni chairmen asap and we will make sure you are included ASAP. Thank you guys and keep striving to be the best you can be!

President Fred Green 2015-2016

Alumni Graduates Tier Program

  • Tier 1 : Alumni Barbacue ($0)

    The first tier of awards gathers enough money to fund an alumni barbacue. All current and previous brothers of the Tau Theta Chapter will get together for some catered food and an outdoor pigroast.

  • Tier 2 : Custom Graduates Shirts ($1000)

    All donating alumni will be mailed a custom unique shirt solely made for our graduate counterparts.

  • Tier 3 : House Date Party ($2000)

    Now you can bring out your fancy clothing and dress up nice to take your date to our house! Don’t worry, it won’t be your typical frat basement party! We will redecorate the house according to a theme and make it look beautiful so when you and your date come in you will be mesmerized by the decorations. All the brothers of age will be treated to high quality drinks and the younger ones will have a variety of foods to choose from!

  • Tier 4 : Second Formal ($3000)

    With such a high ammount of money being raised, we can now afford a second formal where the current and previous brothers can get together and rent out a venue.

Goal: $0 / $3000

We Wish You The Best!