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Who We Are

Kappa Sigma was originally founded in Europe as an organization to prevent the tyrannical leader from robbing his civilians. Later on however, it was brought to the united states by the 5 brothers and friends at the University of Virginia in 1869. As time went on, Kappa Sigma developed into the largest social fraternity in America holding the most active chapters and colonies. We are well on our way to maintaining the status of being the largest as well as ensuring we only recruit the most elite members we are presented with.

What We Do

Kappa Sigma as a whole is an organization that tries to bring all the local communities provided by the university together. We try to put emphasis on community service and making every event we sponsor or attend, the best it can be. We make sure that all of our own are taken care of and pushed to do their best in every kind of performance there is. We encourage scholarly feats and we make sure all of our members maintain at least a 2.5 GPA. Overall Kappa Sigma members want their members and everyone they encounter to be as successful as possible.

Current Locations

We are currently located in two locations. 500 E Neilds is the locations where we can come to hangout and enjoy out door festivities since it has a large backyard. 300 W Bernard is our main house where we host our mixers and other social gatherings. Coming up in the Fall we will be having a third location as well!